Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q>    Why can't I access my account?

A>     It is most likely one of the following problems:

  1. Your username is incorrect (possibly an email address username is no longer valid)
  2. Your password is incorrect (we can reset this for you if you cannot remember)
  3. Your account has expired (this generally activates a "purchase now" site page; or
  4. If you are a group user, your account has been deactivated (see Group Administrator)

    If the above does not fix the problem, call or email us for help.

Q>    Do you have a mobile version?

A>    Yes! The mobile version and the desktop versions are the same site.  Both versions have the same functionality, but the mobile version is optimized for performance and readability on a mobile device.


Q>    Will the mobile version work on my phone?

A>    QwikLaw has been designed to work on all mobile devices and phones; however, testing the site on your device is recommended before purchase. If you encounter any rendering issues on your mobile device, please contact us so we can fix it.


Q>    Do I need to purchase a separate license for the Standard and Mobile versions of QwikLaw?

A>    No. One license will allow access to all versions using the same login credentials.


Q>    Can I log in from more than one device at the same time?

A>   Yes.  You may logon to a mobile device at the same time you are logged into another device.  This is for your convenience only.  You agree to not allow your subscription to be used by a non-subscriber except for purposes of demonstrating the program to someone.  Please see Terms of Use for more information on usage policies.


Q>    Can I share my login information with a friend?

A>    No. Sharing your username and password with others is strictly prohibited and can lead to a revocation of your license.  You may demonstrate the program, or you may simply have them sign up for a free demo account.  The revenue generated through additional license sales allows us to maintain the server and continually update and expand the database.  See Terms of Use for more information on usage policies.


Q>    Can I "Test Drive" QwikLaw before I buy a license?

A>    Absolutely! Simply register for a free demo account and you're in!  New users automatically receive a FREE thirty (30) day full-access trial before purchasing QwikLaw.  No credit card is required for demo accounts.


Q>    Will QwikLaw expand to include more states and local ordinances?

A>    That is our goal! We encourage you to submit your feedback and tell us what you want. The more interest we receive for a particular feature or including a region the higher on the priority list it will go.


Q>    Do you have a money-back guarantee?

A>    We offer a free full-access thirty (30) day trial run. This gives you an opportunity to test out the QwikLaw Law Reference Database.  If you don't think QwikLaw will benefit you then you are under no obligation to purchase.

         Additionally, if you are an individual subscriber and join a group during your active subscription period, it is our policy to refund the unused portion of your subscription (minus any costs).  Simply email us concerning the refund and, upon verification of the group subscription, we will send you a check for the remainder of your subscription.


Q>    What forms of payment do you accept?

A>    We accept cash (in person), checks and money orders.  We also accept credit and debit card payments through Paypal.  You may also use your PayPal account to pay for QwikLaw electronically.


Q>    On my profile, I see two boxes, "Select County Jurisdiction and Select City Jurisdiction". What if I don't see my county or city listed?

A>    If you do not see your County or City, then your Ordinances have not been submitted or entered into QwikLaw.  Upon request, we will enter the ordinances for your jurisdiction that are deemed (by you or your department) to be relevant.  We do not enter all ordinances because, frankly, most are not used.

Another reason for not seeing the ordinances is they may not be online.  We can manually enter the ordinances you use if you will send us a list containing the Code number and the actual verbiage.  Otherwise, you can have your County or City Clerk help with making a copy of the Ordinances in your particular jurisdiction.


Q>    What is a "Group Signup Code" and how is it used?

A>    The group signup code box is for users who are signing up for an existing group, such as a particular Police or Sheriff's Department.  Either new or existing members may become users within such a group by:

1)  obtaining the code from the group into which they desire acceptance, and

2) entering the code into the Group Signup Code box.  After the Group Administrator "accepts" the invitation request, the account is activated and the user is a member of that group.

    What if I am an existing individual user, I am joining a Group and my individual account is paid until some time in the future?

A>    It is our policy when users join a Group, to refund the remainder of a member's existing subscription upon request of the member.  Just send us an email and, upon verification of the group membership, we will calculate and refund the remaining subscription balance (minus any costs).


Q>    What do I do if my subscription is terminated by a Group Admin or otherwise expires?

A>    If you are terminated from a Group or if your individual subscription runs out, your account becomes "expired".  Therefore, when you attempt to sign in, QwikLaw will present you with the option to either:

1)  Sign up for your own QwikLaw account (you may be eligible for a discount - email us to find out!), or

2)  You may enter the "Signup Group Code" furnished to you by the Group Administrator for the group you wish to join.  Once you enter the code, you will need to wait until you receive an alert from the group that you are accepted.  Then, you may continue to use QwikLaw as before.  Your expiration date will reflect that of the group or, if you are signing up as an individual user, your expiration date will be one (1) year from the date of your subscription payment.


Q>    I have other questions not answered here.

A>    More information can be found on our about Qwiklaw page, or you can contact us online with your questions.



Thanks for using QwikLaw!!!